"What a tone, what a voice! She's awesome. The first time I heard Elisa Kate sing I was toasted. She sounds like Tori Amos. Her writing just keeps getting better and better. People need to hear her." - Rick Price.

"We love your voice. It's so sweet, with so much power at the same time." - Absolute Thai Restauraunt, Charlestown Square

"Killer voice." - Adz Drums

"Elisa Kate has real talent. Whatever she does she must not stop trying to perfect her craft."
- Paul Dickson, Sony Music

"Impressive, the standard right 'up there'; amazing voice."
- Ron Bevis, Young World Singers

"Elisa Kate is a promising Pop/Rock/Jazz Singer/Songwriter."
- Singer Universe, Winner May 2010

"She's got a cheeky secret when she performs that draws me in and makes me want to know what she's smiling about." -Rick Price

"Good style and a winning combo, pretty blonde girl with a great voice and a tight band."
- Elliot, Bacardi Band Search, Cambridge Hotel

"Elisa you're a star. Great to hear something with substance. Luv ya work. "
- Kenny Jewell, The Studio Newcastle (Bacardi Band Search)

"You have an engaging live presence."
- Nick Milligan, Bacardi Band Search

"Elisa Kate is a young singer/songwriter with a passion for writing words that are genuine and heartfelt - truths that can affect everyday people
- The Maitland Mercury